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Making the decision to buy a home or get a mortgage can be nerve-wracking and complicated. Why? Quite simply, perhaps because it could be the biggest financial decision you will ever make and will make in your lifetime. There are different types of mortgages and different interest rates. On the other hand, there is your bank that tells you to get your mortgage from them, and there are brokers that say they can get you a better rate. This can be just as confusing for first time home buyers as it is for those looking for a second mortgage. The questions are a bit complicated, the answers can be even more so. The industry is quite large and sometimes you need simple, clear answers to your questions as quickly as possible.

ipotec.ca is here for Canadians like you who are looking to fall in love with their first home, get into their dream home or vacation property, or renew a mortgage using the equity in their home for everything from renovations to debt consolidation.

Ipotec.ca is your one stop shop for all your mortgage needs. The site is filled with resources to help you understand everything that goes into getting financing for your dream home, vacation home, rental property, and more. We cover everything from newcomers to Canada looking to buy a home to the self-employed who need financing. The Canadian housing market is a vast landscape that can be difficult to navigate without the right tools. Well, we have the tools and the answers to your questions to provide you with all the information you need to understand mortgages and loans.

You can send us your suggestions, ideas and much more via the comment form.

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