How does mortgage payments on plastiq code on chase sapphire reserve?

Does Plastiq still work with Chase?

For Chase personal VISA credit cards, payments made through Plastiq may be subject to a lower card limit (typically ~20% of your total card limit). Your transaction should otherwise be treated normally with full rewards.

Does using Plastiq count as cash advance?

Plastiq will then charge your credit card. Because this charge goes in as a purchase instead of a cash advance, you’ll avoid the cash advance fees that may otherwise be charged by your credit card issuer.

Can I use my Chase credit card to pay my mortgage?

For example, mortgages from Chase cannot be paid directly by credit card; the bank only allows payments from a Chase account, transfers from other banks, checks, or money orders. Even if your bank or landlord does accept credit cards, some credit card issuers prohibit using their cards for mortgage payments.

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Does Plastiq code as travel?

Some rent and mortgage payments through Plastiq code as travel and therefore earn 5.25% cash back.

How do I pay bills with Plastiq?

Plastiq: The basics You add a debit or credit card to your Plastiq account and charge it in the amount of the bill, and then Plastiq pays the company on your behalf via a method that the vendor accepts: ACH, wire transfer or an old-fashioned paper check.

Can you pay yourself with Plastiq?

You cannot pay yourself. Plastiq’s interface, embedded organization tools, security and ability to pay anyone make it easy to use.

Can I use Plastiq to pay another credit card?

Debt Products Most card issuers prohibit paying debt with other debt. An example of this is paying one credit card with another credit card. One notable exception is that you can use Plastiq to pay for your mortgage payments through MasterCard and Discover only.

What percentage is Plastiq?

Plastiq assesses a nominal fee for the service — a percentage of the total amount of the payment. The fee for each card is: MasterCard 2.5%, Visa 2.5%, American Express 2.5%. For each transaction, two charges will appear on your credit card statement: 1) the principal amount of the payment, and 2) the fee.

Can you pay a credit card bill with Plastiq?

Using a credit card, you can pay virtually any bill or merchant through Plastiq. This includes your rent, mortgage, car payments, your landscaper and pretty much anything in between. The only payment restrictions are for “debt products,” investments or other people.

How do I add a Chase mortgage to my Chase account?

Sign in to your account and choose the “Pay & transfer” option, then choose “Pay bills”. Choose “Pay-from accounts,” then choose “External accounts”. Add the external bank account that you’ll use to make a payment to your Chase mortgage or home equity line of credit.

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Is Plastiq safe to use?

It’s natural to be wary of entrusting your credit card info to a start-up, but Plastiq told that their safety precautions exceed safety standards set by the credit card industry. Likewise, Miller reported no safety issues using Plastiq and Quinones wrote that he found the app trustworthy.

Why can’t I use my credit card to pay my mortgage?

But most mortgage lenders won’t accept credit cards for a few reasons — they could lead to more defaults on mortgages by borrowers, and lenders don’t want to incur the 1-2 percent credit card fees for processing the payments, says Jonathan Duong, a certified financial planner and president of Wealth Engineers.

How do you get free fees on Plastiq?

You can earn rewards for sharing Plastiq with your network. When businesses sign up with your unique link and make a payment (or payments) totaling $2,500 within 30 days of sign-up, you both receive a Fee-Free Dollar bonus: 1,000 FFDs for your referral and 2,500 FFDs for you!

Is Plastiq legit Reddit?

Yes you can, and it is a great way if you do not wish to do manufactured spending. While there have been discussions about Plastiq being considered a “cash equivalent”, it has thus far been safe to use (no clawback of points) and in fact was promoted as part of Amex’s Shop Small last December.

What can you not pay with Plastiq?

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Amex credit, charge, and debit cards are accepted. Plastiq cannot be used to pay friends and family. It is intended only for paying bills. Consumer gift cards and prepaid cards are not accepted, but payments made with business prepaid cards and payroll cards are allowed.

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Can I use Plastiq to pay my auto loan?

What bills can I pay with Plastiq? Plastiq is most advantageous when used to pay large bills that you may not usually be able to put on a credit card, such as: Rent payments. Car loan payments.

Can I buy a car using Plastiq?

Use Plastiq to Make Car Payments If you plan to finance your vehicle purchase, you don’t have to miss out on earning valuable rewards. You can use a service, like Plastiq, to make you car payment. This is a great way to meet your minimum spending requirement!

Does Capital One work with Plastiq?

To comply with Capital One policy, Plastiq is restricted to processing payments for Capital One Business cards. Plastiq cannot facilitate any payments using a personal Capital One card.

How do I set up automatic mortgage payments?

Automatic payments are easy to set up. They can often be set up online through your mortgage company or there may be a section of your paper bill to set up autopay. When setting up autopay for a mortgage, check if you can adjust or cancel your automatic payments, and how easy that is to do.

Where do I send my Chase mortgage payment?

You can send your tax bill to JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA, Attn: Tax Department, PO Box 961227, Ft. Worth, TX 76161.

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