Which mortgage lenders accept child maintenance?

Only five lenders accept child support as income without a court order or official CSA/CMS payment plan in place. They are Tesco Bank, NatWest/RBS, Lloyds Banking Group, Woolwich (which insists on evidence of continuous payment for 12 months) and Santander.

Do mortgage lenders take child maintenance into account?

Some lenders will take into account child maintenance income, but there may be caveats such as the maintenance being paid by a court order, through the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) or has at least five years left on the agreement.

Does paying child maintenance affect getting a mortgage?

Answer: Child support payments do not directly impact your ability to get a mortgage; instead, it all depends on whether your income qualifies you for one, our experts say. One of the major aspects of your finances that a lender will look at when considering you for a loan is your debt-to income ratio.

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Do mortgage lenders consider child support?

When You’re The One Making Alimony Payments If so, it could affect your mortgage prospects because lenders consider alimony and child support to be outstanding debts. When evaluating your mortgage application, lenders look at something called your debt-to-income (DTI) ratio.

Can I get a mortgage based on spousal maintenance?

If you work part time it’s still possible to get a mortgage. Some lenders will also take maintenance payments into account, particularly if awarded by a Court and documented in a Court Order.

Is it illegal to lie on a mortgage application?

Mortgage fraud is illegal and investigated by the FBI. Misleading your lender about any aspect of your mortgage application can lead to foreclosure or criminal charges. Bottom line: Obtaining a mortgage by deception just isn’t worth it.

Do you have to pay child maintenance if you have 50/50 Custody UK?

If the day-to-day care of a child is shared equally between the paying parent and the receiving parent the paying parent will not have to pay any child maintenance for that child.

What is a fair amount of child maintenance?

On the basic rate, if you’re paying for: one child, you’ll pay 12% of your gross weekly income. two children, you’ll pay 16% of your gross weekly income. three or more children, you’ll pay 19% of your gross weekly income.

Does my ex have to pay half the mortgage?

Yes, your ex will have to pay half of the mortgage if they are listed on the mortgage as you will be both equally liable to the mortgage lender and in the case of the mortgage being defaulted then the mortgage lender will come after the both of you for the mortgage balance plus any costs.

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How do you prove child support for a mortgage?

  1. A copy of the Family Law Court Order.
  2. Bank statements showing credits to your account.
  3. A letter from your solicitor.
  4. A letter from the Child Support Agency (CSA).

What kind of proof of income is required for mortgage?

To verify your income, your mortgage lender will likely require a couple of recent paycheck stubs (or their electronic equivalent) and your most recent W-2 form. In some cases the lender may request a proof of income letter from your employer, particularly if you recently changed jobs.

Can I get a mortgage with maintenance payments?

To get a mortgage with maintenance payments alone is not possible. If however, you or a fellow applicant has a job then the maintenance payments could potentially be factored in.

Who pays mortgage during separation?

You are both jointly and separately responsible for the full amount of the loan. If the loan is not paid, the bank may take possession and sell the home to pay it.

Can I walk away from a joint mortgage?

Can I walk away from a joint mortgage? Yes, you can walk away from a joint mortgage but you will need to be allowed to do so by the mortgage lender. The mortgage lender will only let you walk away if the party or parties left or added on the joint mortgage can afford the mortgage.

What does spousal maintenance cover?

Spousal maintenance is a payment that’s paid by a wife or husband to their former spouse as part of their divorce. Usually, it is paid every month and it can last for either a defined period or, in increasingly rare cases, for the rest of your former spouses’ life. The latter is known as a “joint lives order.”

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Can you go to jail for lying on a loan application?

If you lie about your debts, they will be able to check with just about every lender in the country except your local loan shark.” … The warning about home loan applications comes after a legal academic said last year that lies on a resumé could land the job applicant in jail.

Can I go to jail for lying on credit card application?

If you knowingly lying on a credit card application, means you are committing a crime known as loan application fraud. … Loan application fraud is a serious crime that carries hefty penalties. If you are convicted of the crime, you can face up to $1 million in fines and thirty (30) years of jail time.

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