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How much do purple bricks charge to sell house?

Purple Bricks do not work on a ‘no sale, no fee’ basis like most estate agents. This means, unlike traditional sales, the vendor still has to pay fees, regardless of whether the house sells.

Additionally, do purple bricks go over value properties? In 2016, Purple Bricks claims to be making a sale every 16 minutes, quite an extraordinary claim and a study by Which? Found that they give more accurate valuations only heavily reducing (more than 5% of the initial price) the price of 11% of their properties.

You asked, what fees do you pay when selling a house UK? The average commission charged to sell your house with a high-street estate agent in England and Wales is 1.18% plus VAT. Selling a house priced at the average UK house price of £251,000 will see estate agent fees of £2,961. Estate agents will base their fee on a percentage of the final sale price.

Subsequently, are purple bricks in trouble? Purplebricks (PURP) has been a disaster of a public business. This week, the online estate agent slumped to an all-time low of 23.5p a share, a decline of 95 per cent since 2018 and more than three-quarters in 2021 alone. Six years after listing, some investors may still wonder why the stock has been such a dud.

Similarly, can I get out of Purplebricks contract? You can withdraw your advert at any time by clicking on the ‘remove advert’ icon on your property page in the Online Platform. In certain circumstances you may be able to re-list the property within a designated period after withdrawal.


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Is Purplebricks an estate agent?

Purplebricks are classed as an ‘online estate agent’, meaning they will value your property and get you set up with an advert on Rightmove and Zoopla, two of the UK’s biggest property portals, but then will leave most of the selling process up to you.

Do purple bricks vet buyers?

They do nothing after instruction, They don’t vet potential buyers and as they get a set fee they are only interested in the sale. They don’t care how much you get as they get paid the same.

Do I need a solicitor with purple bricks?

If you are currently selling your property or thinking of selling your house with Purple Bricks, then you will probably need the services of a property solicitor or licensed conveyancer to help you with the legalities of actually selling your property, once you have an offer in place and agreed.

What solicitors do purple bricks use?

Premier Property Lawyers is part of a company called Simplify. A Purplebricks spokesperson said: “Simplify, our conveyancing partner in England and Wales, is making progress to restore its service and is working to help customers who are exchanging and completing this week.

What fees are payable when selling a house?

  1. Bond costs. If you have a bond on the property there will be a charge to cancelling the bond when you sell.
  2. Compliance costs.
  3. Agent commissions.
  4. Rates, taxes and levies.
  5. Other costs.

Do you pay stamp duty when selling a house?

If there is an overlap in your ownership of your new home and the home that you are selling or have sold, you may have to pay the higher rate of stamp duty. However, as long as you sell your primary residence within three years of purchasing a new home, you can apply for a refund on your stamp duty.

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Do I need a solicitor to sell a house UK?

First things first: you don’t legally need a solicitor to sell your house. It’s entirely possible to take on what some call ‘DIY conveyancing’: in other words, taking on the legal responsibilities yourself when selling your home. But, the legal responsibilities are many.

Why are purple brick prices falling?

Recent regulatory failings have had a negative impact on the business and pushed its share price to new lows. Shares in the AIM-listed firm have dropped from 103p at the start of January 2021, while the company floated at 95p in December 2015.

What has happened to Purplebricks?

Purplebricks Canada has, from a few days ago, been rebranded as FairSquare Group Realty – with the Purplebricks name, logo and colour scheme expunged. In July 2020 the UK-based Purplebricks Group sold its Canada operation for some £35m, in a bid for cash to bolster its UK activities.

Is Purplebricks a sole agent?

You are instructing Purplebricks to act on a Sole Agency basis for the Minimum Period of 12 weeks from the date of Purplebricks first placing an advert for the sale of your property. You may terminate this agreement at the end of the Minimum Period by withdrawing your instructions in your account on our website.

What does guide price mean?

What does a guide price mean? A guide price is usually the minimum amount a seller wants for their house. It’s how much the owner thinks their property is worth.

Do Purplebricks do floor plans?

If you choose to instruct Purplebricks, your Local Property Expert will arrange professional photography, draw up a floor plan and prepare an advert which is placed on Rightmove and Zoopla and other popular property portals. These are visited daily by millions of people.

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Should I use a local estate agent?

When using a local estate agent, your property will also be seen by a much more focused audience, attracting buyers who are specifically looking for homes in your area, making enquiries and viewings much more likely to be successful.

What is the average cost of conveyancing fees UK?

How much are the legal fees? The legal portion of the conveyancing fees bill covers the work done by the conveyancing solicitor themselves. Conveyancing fees do vary but are typically between £850-£1500, plus the cost of disbursements. Legal fees for leasehold properties are more.

Do estate agents charge viewings?

Some online agents do not offer services such as accompanied viewings as standard but will do so for an additional fee. You’ll also likely have to pay an upfront fee. High street agents typically take a percentage of the sale price, which means you only pay when you have the funds to.

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