Question: How to sell an apartment in avakin life?

You cannot sell/trade or otherwise transfer ownership of an account.

What is the highest level on Avakin Life?

Level 50 Unlocked!* You’ve earned this milestone level upgrade! Wear your unique level 50 badge with pride beside your username and earn Avacoins, gems and an exclusive Lion Petkin when you achieve level 50.

Is Avakin Life for adults?

Avakin Life is an online virtual world that allows teens and adults alike to chat and make new friends. … First and foremost, you will need to ensure that your teen is old enough to play Avakin Life. You need to be 13 to play. We will delete users whom we find to be younger than 13, or those misrepresenting their age.

How old do you have to be to play Avakin Life?

Parents need to know that Avakin Life is for users 17 and up and requires verification before setting up an account. Profiles connect through Facebook or email, and users interact with anyone else playing the game at the same time.

What is the last level on Avakin?

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Avakin – ?? Level 60 is finally here!

Is Avakin Life shutting down 2020?

The Avakin Life servers are currently down while we make essential upgrades. … For the time being please check out our forums at Avakin.com. Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience.

Is Avakin Life a bad game?

Avakin life is one of the best games that you might find and to be honest it can be harsh because there are pedophiles and perverts online but I think parents should do their job to protect their kids from it and if your stubborn then i would suggest you not mingle with a lot of people especially the bullies and you …

Can 13 year olds play Avakin Life?

“It’s more about educating children what to watch out for.” Avakin Life is a 3-D virtual reality app that promises users an amazing virtual experience where “you can become the person you always wanted to be.” … The game, rated “T” for teens, allows children age 13 to download it on their phones.

Can 13 year olds play IMVU?

How old do you have to be to play IMVU? If 13 sounds a little young to be engaging in this kind of virtual world, you’re not alone. Common Sense Media, a non-profit media rating site for parents, gives IMVU an “iffy for ages 15-18” rating.

Is Roblox age appropriate?

Is Roblox content suitable for all ages? Roblox has an ESRB rating of E10+ for Everyone 10 and up for Fantasy Violence, which means that typical gameplay should be suitable for most kids. However, the rating also includes an Users Interact notice and an In-Game Purchases notice.

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Is Avakin life free?

Avakin Life is a free to play social app for Android, iOS & Amazon devices. Create your avatar – Choose from hundreds of customisation options and create outfits to suit YOUR style.

What gives the most XP in Avakin life?

Chatting with other players and being active in different social spots will definitely help with XP. The longer you stay in a room and interact the more 10 – 15 XP boosts you can receive.

How do you earn money on Avakin life?

3) Other tips to earn money in Avakin Life Avacoins can be earned by taking part in the Cafe or Bar job, completing tasks on the TapJoy Offer Wall or Fyber in the Free Coins menu. Avacoins can be won from the Mystery Box, and Avakin Life social media competitions.

What happens if u get reported on Avakin Life?

If you have been reported, there is no need to worry about getting banned or suspended if you have done nothing wrong. Please note that spamming our support system with fake reports can lead to action being taken against you. You only need to submit one report per issue.

Is Avakin Life popular?

Lockwood Publishing’s virtual world game Avakin Life has reached 200 million users. … Daily, the award-winning game sees 1.4 million users log in. Furthermore, over 70 million chat messages are sent daily. In 2018, Avakin Life took home the Game of the Year accolade at the TIGA Games Industry Awards 2018.

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