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Question: How to sell a house in chennai?

  1. Clean It. Imagine yourself as the buyer and think how you will start the process of buying a property, including residential plots in Chennai.
  2. Make a Property Summary.
  3. Find the Correct Price.

Furthermore, what is the easiest way to sell a house?

  1. Clean and declutter.
  2. Pick a selling strategy.
  3. Price to sell.
  4. Handle any quick repairs.
  5. Stage and add curb appeal.
  6. Hire a professional photographer.
  7. Write a great listing description.
  8. Time your sale right.

Considering this, what are the steps in selling your house?

  1. Hire an agent who knows the market.
  2. Set a timeline for selling your home.
  3. Get a pre-sale home inspection.
  4. Don’t waste money on needless upgrades.
  5. Get professional photos.
  6. Put your house on the market.
  7. Set a realistic price.
  8. Review and negotiate offers.

Subsequently, how can I sell my house in Tamilnadu?

  1. Your government approved identification card.
  2. Tax clearance certificate.
  3. Pattadar passbook.
  4. Land title and ownership certificate.
  5. Sale deed.
  6. Conveyance deed.
  7. Power of attorney.
  8. NOC.

Moreover, how is property value calculated in Chennai?

  1. Go to the Registration Department’s official website i.e. .
  2. Click on the guideline value tab.
  3. Fill in the required details which are street number or survey number.

Is real estate down in Chennai?

New housing supply declined to 12,382 units in the 2020 calendar year from 13,756 units, Sood said. The average rate of new properties in Chennai stood at Rs 5,228 per sq ft at the end of 2020.

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What is a quick sale?

Known as a “quick sale,” it’s the sale of a property that’s in its defaulted mortgage’s preforeclosure period. Peforeclosure is the time between mortgage default and foreclosure sale and is really a lender’s grace period for borrowers. Speedy sales of homes in preforeclosure are called “quick sales.”

How do I save money to sell my house?

  1. Work with a proven, local real estate agent.
  2. Negotiate a lower commission.
  3. Cut your moving costs.
  4. Make cost-effective upgrades.
  5. Make smart seller concessions.
  6. Offer furniture or appliances as bargaining chips.

What should you not fix when selling a house?

  1. Cosmetic flaws.
  2. Minor electrical issues.
  3. Driveway or walkway cracks.
  4. Grandfathered-in building code issues.
  5. Partial room upgrades.
  6. Removable items.
  7. Old appliances.

How can I buy property in Tamilnadu?

  1. Check the property title deed to ensure that the seller has a right over the property.
  2. Verify pattah of the property.
  3. Verify encumbrance certificate of the property.
  4. Verify the land use zone as per the master plan for the land.

What does property mean in law?

property, an object of legal rights, which embraces possessions or wealth collectively, frequently with strong connotations of individual ownership. In law the term refers to the complex of jural relationships between and among persons with respect to things.

What type of houses are built in Tamilnadu?

Brahmin houses in the various regions of Tamil Nadu differ slightly in style, technique and materials, depending on their location. They are almost always connected by a common wall and tend to be narrow in width and very long. They are often without an interior courtyard, but have open spaces in the back.

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What is the price of 1 square feet?

The current median price per square foot in the U.S. is around $184, according to data. Depending on where you’re looking to buy a home, the prices per square foot of the homes you look at might be significantly higher or lower than this number.

Which is the best area to invest in Chennai?

  1. Porur. Porur is located along the Mount Poonamallee (MP) Road in the West.
  2. Ambattur. Ambattur is one of the most popular residential areas in Chennai.
  3. Pallavaram.
  4. Oragadam.
  5. Guduvancheri.
  6. Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR)
  7. Pallikaranai.

Which area in Chennai is developing fast?

Pallikaranai One of the fastest growing residential areas in India, Pallikaranai is a hot favourite destination for investors. Located in South Chennai, the locality is in close proximity to the OMR (Old Mahabalipuram Road), which is one of Chennai’s biggest IT/ITeS corridors.

How is flat price calculated in Chennai?

You can check the resale value of flats or old flats by applying the following formula: Value or resale flat = value of undivided share of land + depreciated value of building and amenities + value of overheads, expenses, etc.

What is the future of real estate in Chennai?

Chennai real estate will gain momentum due to IT, urbanization, and the development of affordable housing. Increased demand increased supply. Many different parts of real estate are prospering in Chennai due to high demand. As soon as Chennai became an IT-town, it fired the commercial real estate sector.

Who benefits from a short sale?

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For the seller, a short sale presents less damage to his credit report than a foreclosure, and allows him to recover and buy a new house more quickly. This sense of cooperation between the seller and buyer may facilitate the exchange and get the new owner into the house more quickly.

Can you negotiate a short sale?

Can You Negotiate A Short Sale? It is entirely possible to negotiate a short sale, but doing so can be a time-consuming process. Instead of negotiating with the seller alone, as is the case with most traditional sales, short sale negotiations must be approved by the lender, too.

What is a lender sale?

Simple Definition – Same as Bank Ordered Sale, but the Lender may be a finance company, an investor or private note holder, etc.

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