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Which area is best to buy house in chennai?

If you are looking to buy a property in Chennai, then Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR), Velachery, Medavakkam, Guduvancheri and Porur should be the ideal choices. As per PropIndex, the quarterly research report of Magicbricks, these five locations are the top five preferred localities in the city for buying properties.

Also know, which area is cheapest to buy a house in Chennai?

  1. Pallikaranai. Pallikaranai was featured as one of India’s ‘top residential hotspots’ in a 2019 report released by Jones Lang LaSalle as an area that has a well-developed social infrastructure, excellent connectivity, and is affordable.
  2. Guduvanchery.
  3. Oragadam.
  4. Mannivakkam.
  5. Perambur.

Additionally, which area in Chennai is developing fast? Pallikaranai One of the fastest growing residential areas in India, Pallikaranai is a hot favourite destination for investors. Located in South Chennai, the locality is in close proximity to the OMR (Old Mahabalipuram Road), which is one of Chennai’s biggest IT/ITeS corridors.

Best answer for this question, which location is best for buying a house?

  1. The proximity of Important Services. If you have children, this likely tops your consideration list.
  2. Neighborhood.
  3. Commute Times.
  4. Lifestyle.
  5. Availability of civic amenities.
  6. Resale Value in Future.
  7. Quality of Infrastructure.
  8. Nearby Means of Transportation.

In this regard, which is the safest place in Chennai?

  1. Re: Best and safe place to live in Chennai. If you are talking about the KM near MMDA colony, you have a range of safe, secure residential areas to pick and choose: KK Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Kodambakkam, MMDA colony etc. Most of the places above are quite safe and mid priced on rentals.

Average property prices in Adyar: Rs 12,000 per sq ft Located on the southern banks of the Adyar River, this quaint area, also known as Adaiyaaru, is counted among the most expensive areas to live in Chennai.

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Is porur a posh area?

Porur is a very posh locality with wide highway, many banks. It is easy connectivity to bypass road, Guindy Highway, Airport and Poonamalee. It is closer to many IT companies, schools and hospitals. Porur.

Is real estate down in Chennai?

New housing supply declined to 12,382 units in the 2020 calendar year from 13,756 units, Sood said. The average rate of new properties in Chennai stood at Rs 5,228 per sq ft at the end of 2020.

Is Guduvanchery a good place to invest?

Ample availability of land and affordable property rates are driving the suburb&rsquos realty market higher. Several reputed developers and investors have largely invested in residential plots/land in Guduvanchery. Guduvanchery is well-connected to major parts of Chennai through its efficient road and rail networks.

Where can I invest my land in Tamilnadu?

  1. Coimbatore. Coimbatore’s plus point is its electronic manufacturing cluster, Codissia Industrial Park and the upcoming IT developments.
  2. Madurai. Madurai, on the other hand, has AIIMS, Madurai-Tuticorin industrial corridor and the Vadapalanji IT SEZ.
  3. Salem.
  4. Trichy.
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Where is it easy to buy a house?

Here are the easiest places to buy a house: Cape Coral, Florida. Bridgeport, Connecticut. Charleston, South Carolina.

Where in India Should I buy a house?

  1. Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Real estate has seen a big boom in Indore of late.
  2. Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The real estate market is small in Ahmedabad when compared to some other big cities but that doesn’t make it any less affordable to live in.
  3. Hyderabad, Telengana.

What is most important when buying a house?

The Location. They say that the three most important things to think about when buying are home are location, location, location. You can live with almost any imperfection in a home if you love the neighborhood and your neighbors. You can change almost everything else.

How much will cost to build a house in Chennai?

The cost of construction in Chennai will vary from Rs 1450 / sq. ft to Rs 4500 / sq. ft and upwards for for ultra luxury houses. This translates to Rs 14.5 lakh for a normal house to Rs 45.00 lakh for a uber luxury house.

How can I save money building a house?

  1. Set a budget. First and foremost, determine how much you can afford to spend on building your home.
  2. Select a smaller footprint. When building a home, every bit of square footage matters.
  3. Consider the aesthetic.
  4. Save where you can.
  5. Splurge where it counts.
  6. Choose your builder wisely.

Which are best builders in Chennai Quora?

  1. BBCL Builders.
  2. Mahindra Lifespaces.
  3. Tata Value Homes.
  4. Sobha Limited.
  5. Puravankara.
  6. TVH.
  7. Shriram Properties.
  8. Mantri Group.

Is Chennai city safe for girls?

Yes, Chennai is safe to visit for everyone, irrespective of whether you are a backpacker or a solo female traveler. If you’re a woman, make sure you take necessary precautions like you would in any other city you’re traveling to. Carry a pepper spray or a swiss knife with you at all times.

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Where should I live in Tamilnadu?

  1. Madurai. Historical & Heritage | Pilgrimage | City. Situated on the banks of the River Vaigai, Madurai is the third-largest city in Tamilnadu and one of the most famous places of pilgrimage in India.
  2. Chennai. City.
  3. Tiruchirappalli. Historical & Heritage | City.
  4. Coimbatore. City.

How is Chennai life?

CHENNAI: Among cities in India with more than a million population, Chennai has the best quality of life, is highly resilient with best mobility options and is safe and secure. However, the city ranks poorly on economic abilities, places of recreation and the number of green structures.

Is there any red light area in Chennai?

With no red light district, the city has shrouded the industry, which has continued to thrive for decades. While the police claim to have ‘curbed’ the sex work industry and people prefer to live in denial, there isn’t a designated red light district in Chennai.

Where do most celebrities live in Chennai?

Gopalapuram is one of the most prime real estate areas in Chennai. The area is home to the number of celebrities and is popularly known for the residence of Former Chief Minister of state Karunanidhi. Gopalapuram is also home to renowned schools and colleges.

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