Frequent answer: How to get property card in ahmedabad?

  1. To apply for Property Certificate in person, the applicant has to visit the nearest office of the Directorate of Town & Country Planning.
  2. Visit the office and get an application form for Property Certificate.
  3. Complete the application form with appropriate information under relevant sections.

You asked, what is the procedure for property card in Gujarat? Gujarat property registration procedure is governed by the Registration (Gujarat Amendment) Act, 1908. Any transactions that involve an immovable property should be registered to ensure clear transfer of title to the property owner.

Quick Answer, is property card compulsory in Gujarat? Unable to provide smart cards to all property holders within a year, the state government has relaxed its rule regarding mandatory property card.

Considering this, what are the documents required for property card in Gujarat?

  1. Encumbrance Certificate.
  2. The original document bearing signature of all parties.
  3. Property details (survey number, surrounding land details, size of the land etc)
  4. Challan/DD evidencing payment of full stamp duty, transfer duty (if any),Registration fee and user charges.
  5. Property card.

Amazingly, how can I check my property card online in Gujarat? The official site to check land records online in Gujarat is Visit this website and click on View Land Records. Submit the details about district, taluka, village and survey number. Enter the verification code (captcha) and click on the get detail button.Aadhaar optional, not mandatory for property registration under law, AAP government tells High Court.

What is benefit of property card in Gujarat?

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To prevent property-related fraud and to give people authentic title to urban properties, property cards are necessary.

What is the importance of property card in Gujarat?

By issuing property cards, the state will be able to stop loss of revenue. On the other hand, by bringing in more clarity on property ownership, the government will be able to streamline the record-keeping system and land-related transactions will become foolproof, leaving no scope for any fraudulent activities.

How can I take appointment for Dastavej in Gujarat?

Appointments can be made through the home page of the gARVI portal by selecting the option “Registration appointment scheduler for citizen”. Applicants are required to provide some details regarding the property through the application form to book their appointment slot.

How can I get Rajkot property card?

Apply In-Person: To apply EC. Applicant has to go to the respective Sub registrar office and apply (If online process is available, then apply online) for EC as per authorities advice. If the results are satisfactory, then the documentation for registering the property shall be prepared.

How can I register power of attorney in Gujarat?

Please approach the Sub registrar office and confirm the date for registration. Procure stamp paper for registration of Power of Attorney (POA) as per the arrived/advised value. on the scheduled date principal person, agent (power of attorney) and witnesses should go to the registrar office and wait for their turn.

How is stamp duty calculated on lease deed in Gujarat?

  1. Sale Deed / Gift Deed. 6%
  2. Transfer of lease right deed. 3%
  3. Exchange deed on the value of the property. 3%
  4. Lease deed 1 – 5 years. 1.50%
  5. Lease deed 1 – 10 years. 3%
  6. Lease deed 1 – 15 years. 6%
  7. Lease deed 1- 20 years. 6%
  8. Lease deed above 20 years. 6%
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How can I get land survey number in Gujarat?

  1. Step 1:Visit
  2. Step 2: Click on the “View Land Record – Rural“ tab.
  3. Step 3: On the next page, you will be introduced to several links, including VF6, VF7, VF8A, and 135D Notice for Mutation.
  4. Step 4: Click on the VF7 Survey No.

What is e Dhara Gujarat?

e-Dhara Kendra (Gujarati:ઇ-ધરા કેન્દ્ર) is a government office at Gujarat. Each e-Dhara Kendra is situated at Taluka Mamlatdar Office. The Gujarat government’s e-Dhara project aimed to modernise land administration and to enable farmers to manage this crucial resource better.

How do I find land details?

You can find all Punjab and Sindh property records online at and respectively. Select your district, tehsil and area from the drop-down list. Enter your CNIC number or property number to check property ownership in Pakistan.

Can I sell my property without Aadhar card?

You don’t need any aadhar card or proof of residence for selling any property in India. Your passport, Pan card and OCI card will suffice. – Hence, these two documents are enough to execute the sale deed for transferring the property in the name of buyer.

Can I buy land without PAN Card?

To buy a property they do not necessarily need a PAN Card as per rule 114C. Since the process of getting a PAN Card is easy, it is often recommended to get one to ease the property registration process.

What happens if a property is not registered?

If a property is not registered at the Land Registry when a sale is completed, the law requires that it must be registered on completion of the sale of the property by the purchaser. This will be done by the purchaser’s solicitors as part of the conveyancing process.

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What is stamp duty fee?

The Buyer’s Stamp Duty, or BSD, is a tax that every home buyer has to pay when they purchase a property. The amount you have to pay depends on the property price. The more expensive the property, the higher the tax.

Does my wife have to pay stamp duty?

For the purposes of stamp duty calculations, married couples and civil partners are treated as one “unit” so although your wife doesn’t currently own a property, she will be treated as though she does when you buy your new property as you already own an interest in another property.

How do I get a PCMC property card?

  1. Applications for Property Card, Pune can be made in person in the offices of the Land Record Department of Maharashtra.
  2. Fill out the application with all the required documents.
  3. Fill in other information if required.

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