How to get property card in rajkot?

To apply EC. Applicant has to go to the respective Sub registrar office and apply (If online process is available, then apply online) for EC as per authorities advice. If the results are satisfactory, then the documentation for registering the property shall be prepared.

People ask also, how can I get property card in Gujarat?

  1. To apply for Property Certificate in person, the applicant has to visit the nearest office of the Directorate of Town & Country Planning.
  2. Visit the office and get an application form for Property Certificate.
  3. Complete the application form with appropriate information under relevant sections.

Best answer for this question, how can I download property card online in Gujarat? The official site to check land records online in Gujarat is Visit this website and click on View Land Records. Submit the details about district, taluka, village and survey number. Enter the verification code (captcha) and click on the get detail button.

Subsequently, how can I check my registry online? You can find all Punjab and Sindh property records online at and respectively. Select your district, tehsil and area from the drop-down list. Enter your CNIC number or property number to check property ownership in Pakistan.

Also know, how do I find out my land survey number? You can find the land survey number on your sale deed. If you cannot do so and are finding yourself to be confused, you also have an additional option to check the official portal of the state. Meanwhile, you can also visit the municipality authority or land revenue office to find out the land survey number.Unable to provide smart cards to all property holders within a year, the state government has relaxed its rule regarding mandatory property card.

Is Aadhaar card mandatory for property registration in Gujarat?

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Aadhaar optional, not mandatory for property registration under law, AAP government tells High Court.

What is property card in Gujarat?

Property cards are issued by local authorities to establish ownership in cities while for rural areas the RoR, known as the 7/12 extract, is issued as a government-certified property ownership title.

How do I find property details online?

The official website is Click on View Land Record once you are on the website. Submit necessary details about the Taluka, District, Survey Number and Village. Then enter the Captcha or Verification Code and click Get Detail.

How can I check my survey number in Gujarat?

  1. Step 1:Visit
  2. Step 2: Click on the “View Land Record – Rural“ tab.
  3. Step 3: On the next page, you will be introduced to several links, including VF6, VF7, VF8A, and 135D Notice for Mutation.
  4. Step 4: Click on the VF7 Survey No.

How can I check my land record in Sindh?

Please visit your nearest Peoples Service Center to obtain the copy of your Revenue Record. The officials of the Service Center will associate your latest CNIC number/ fingerprints and photographs with your land record.

What is Fard in property?

FARD. A document that indicates proof of a property’s ownership. This document is primarily needed for the registration of property (also known as ‘registry’).

How can I check my Sindh Land Record Online?

  1. Just visit Sindh Zameen official website to check land records.
  2. Select any of the two given options; Search by Name or Search by CNIC. In case of CNIC, you just have to enter CNIC number without dashes.
  3. You will be shown a list of all the records in your area with that name.
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How can I get land survey in Tamil Nadu?

  1. Visit the e-services website of Tamil Nadu.
  2. Click on ‘View Patta & FMB/ Chitta/ TSLR Extract.
  3. You will be redirected to a new page where you will have to choose the District and enter details for Rural or Urban basis.

How can I get survey number of property in Tamil Nadu?

  1. Go to the e services website of Tamil Nadu.
  2. Look for Land Records E-services, and click on ‘View Patta & FMB/ Chitta Extract’
  3. You will see the option to fill in District, Taluk, Village, Patta Number.
  4. Now enter authentication value.
  5. Click on ‘Submit’

How can I get duplicate land in Tamil Nadu?

Obtain online a copy of any documents with the Registration Department of Tamil Nadu. Users can fill up certain details such as a district, document number, name, claimant address, period, personal information etc. One can select to obtain the document in person or by post.

What is benefit of property card in Gujarat?

By issuing property cards, the state will be able to stop loss of revenue. On the other hand, by bringing in more clarity on property ownership, the government will be able to streamline the record-keeping system and land-related transactions will become foolproof, leaving no scope for any fraudulent activities.

How can I take appointment for Dastavej in Gujarat?

Appointments can be made through the home page of the gARVI portal by selecting the option “Registration appointment scheduler for citizen”. Applicants are required to provide some details regarding the property through the application form to book their appointment slot.

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Can I sell my property without Aadhar card?

You don’t need any aadhar card or proof of residence for selling any property in India. Your passport, Pan card and OCI card will suffice. – Hence, these two documents are enough to execute the sale deed for transferring the property in the name of buyer.

Can I buy land without PAN Card?

To buy a property they do not necessarily need a PAN Card as per rule 114C. Since the process of getting a PAN Card is easy, it is often recommended to get one to ease the property registration process.

Do you need Aadhar card for property?

Aadhaar is accepted as a identity proof for property registration and land mutation. However, no provision in the law makes it binding on the buyer to provide his unique identification number for these purposes.

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