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Frequent answer: What do real estate transaction coordinators make?

The salaries of Transaction Coordinators in the US range from $28,800 to $129,700 , with a median salary of $85,240 . The middle 60% of Transaction Coordinators makes $85,240, with the top 80% making $129,700.

Correspondingly, how much does a real estate transaction coordinator make in Texas? The average salary for a transaction coordinator is $42,842 per year in Texas.

You asked, how much do transaction coordinators make in California? The average salary for a transaction coordinator is $46,302 per year in California.

Also know, how much do transaction coordinators make in Florida? The average salary for a transaction coordinator is $44,072 per year in Florida.

Likewise, do you need a real estate license to be a transaction coordinator California? A Transaction coordinator does not have to be licensed, but you should hire one that does have one. When a transaction coordinator has a license, they become familiar with the transactions process and disclosures.The average salary for a transaction coordinator is $43,732 per year in Los Angeles, CA.


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Is a transaction coordinator worth it?

Yes! Even though a licensed transaction coordinator can be tough to find, but the experience and knowledge that comes along with their certification is sure to prove worth it. After all, a lack of experience is sure to lead to delays and hurdles in the event that administrative tasks are overlooked or forgotten.

Is transaction Coordinator hard?

Becoming a transaction coordinator can be hard work, but if you’re a detail-oriented person who thrives in high-stress environments, it could be the perfect job for you.

Is being a transaction coordinator stressful?

Transaction coordination is a stressful job. TCs have to meet deadlines, keep clients happy, give vendors what they need to move forward, and keep their agents up to speed all along the way. It’s a lot to handle. Make sure you look for a transaction coordinator who can keep their cool under pressure.

What does TC stand for in real estate?

A transaction coordinator will take care of them for you. The duties of a TC include: Opening the escrow account. Planning inspections and coordinating with sellers for property access. Coordinating negotiations for repairs and the completion of repairs.

How do transaction coordinators stay organized?

How do you interview a transaction coordinator?

  1. What do you believe are your key traits that have made/would make you a successful transaction coordinator?
  2. Tell me about a difficult transaction that you facilitated.
  3. How would you describe your ability to work as a team player?

How do I market myself as a transaction coordinator?

  1. Meetups. Look in your town for networking opportunities.
  2. Cooperating Agents. This is a big one.
  3. 3. Facebook. Here’s another great statistic from the National Association of Realtors.
  4. LinkedIn.
  5. Open Houses.
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What is transaction coordinator?

A real estate transaction coordinator is a professional who assists a real estate agent in performing various administrative duties. The TC will manage tasks from when the contract is established to when the deal closes. A real estate transaction coordinator can handle the contract side of the process.

Do you need a license to be a transaction coordinator in Texas?

For example, it’s illegal in Texas for you to work as a transaction coordinator without a license.

Does a transaction coordinator need to be licensed in Arizona?

Yes, but they must be licensed in Arizona. It is possible to share a transaction coordinator, but all licensees must be members of the same brokerage firm. The ADRE is also seeing numerous incidents of unlicensed assistants completing tasks that require a real estate license.

What does active mean in realty?

When we talk about the status “active” as it relates to real estate, what it really means is that a listing has been posted on a local or regional MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and is officially up for sale.

Is a process employing an independent agent to manage and coordinate the closing of a real estate transaction?

A process employing an independent agent to manage the closing of a real estate transaction through the exchange of documents and money between two parties is referred to as: escrow.

What software does a transaction coordinator use?

To ensure agents have everything they need to process a complete transaction, transaction coordinators use top-end software. Some of the best real estate transaction management software available in the market are; TCDocs, TC Workflow, Paperless Pipeline, Dotloop, SkySlope, etc.

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What is the role of coordinator in distributed transaction?

The Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MSDTC) service is a component of modern versions of Microsoft Windows that is responsible for coordinating transactions that span multiple resource managers, such as databases, message queues, and file systems.

What is real estate virtual assistant?

A Real Estate Virtual Assistant is an employee who works for your company from an offshore location. They are 100% dedicated to your business and can take on a variety of tasks. Usually, a real estate VA doesn’t specialise in one specific area.

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