How to identify real estate investor scams?

  1. You are getting contacted from a different id or name that is not listed in the network or by googling you cannot find the details of that specific name or the ID.
  2. When he say “I am not the investor, I will introduce you to someone”

How can you tell a scammer from real estate?

  1. Lack Of Proper Documentation. If you’re looking to buy a home and the seller lacks the necessary paperwork, this is a huge red flag.
  2. Pressure To Act Immediately.
  3. Unrealistic Guarantees.
  4. Demands To Wire Money.

How can you identify a scammer?

  1. 10 signs you’re talking to a scammer. Odd-looking phone number.
  2. Odd-looking phone number.
  3. Delayed greeting.
  4. Caller can’t communicate.
  5. Caller says there’s a problem with an unknown account.
  6. The tone of the conversation becomes heated.
  7. You have to identify yourself.
  8. Caller uses a generic greeting.

How do investment scams work?

Scammers buy shares in a small company at a low price. They then send out false tips about the company having great prospects. As more people invest, the share price rises. The scammers sell their shares at the peak of the price rise.

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How legit is PetronPay?

It is a scam. The website is on autopilot, all you see is fake. You will not be able to take back your money. If you care about your money stay away from this website.

How can you tell a rental scammer?

  1. They Don’t Want to Meet You in Person.
  2. They Want You to Move in Immediately, Without Ever Seeing the Property.
  3. They Ask for Rent or a Security Deposit Before Signing a Lease.
  4. The Price is Too Good.
  5. The Listing Has Typos, Poor Grammar, or Excessive Punctuation.

Can you get scammed selling a house?

It’s unfortunate but true: Scammers, posing as would-be cash buyers, are out there. And these all-cash home sale scammers are hoping to swindle sellers — and their agents — out of their hard-earned cash.

Can someone steal your house without you knowing?

A thief steals your identity, then uses it forge a deed, making it look like they’re the property owner. … If they target an empty home – like unoccupied vacation homes or rental properties – they can use forged deed to sell the home and profit without you knowing.

How do you outsmart a romance scammer?

  1. Be cautious about sharing personal information.
  2. Check their images.
  3. Scan their profile for loopholes.
  4. Look out for inconsistencies in their communication.
  5. Take things slow.
  6. Don’t share financial details/passwords.
  7. Talk to someone you trust.
  8. Don’t send money.

How do you trick a scammer?

How do you tell if a scammer is texting you?

  1. Abnormally long numbers. If a text message is legitimate, it’s usually from a number 10 digits or less.
  2. Family crisis texts. Receiving news of a family crisis is alarming.
  3. Text refund. Another common text scam comes in the form of a text refund.
  4. Random prizes.
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Can you get scammed through Bitcoin?

In July 2020, the FTC reported on a Bitcoin scam in which scammers hacked into Twitter accounts and contacted the accounts’ followers asking for money in Bitcoin. … You can also check whether the wallet address someone gives you for sending a crypto payment is connected with a scam through the Bitcoin Abuse database.

How do you avoid investment scams?

  1. Verify The License Of The Person Selling The Investment.
  2. Verify The Investment Is Registered.
  3. Beware Of Promises Of High Rates Of Return And/Or Quick Profits.
  4. Be Suspicious Of High-Pressure Sales.
  5. Beware Of Unsolicited Offers.
  6. Ask For Prospectus Or Offering Circular.

What sites are scams?

  1. Phishing Scam Websites.
  2. Online Shopping Scam Websites.
  3. Scareware Scam Websites.
  4. Sweepstakes Scam Websites.
  5. COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Scam Websites.
  6. DMV Phishing Scam Websites.
  7. Check the domain name.
  8. Be careful how you pay.

Who is the owner of PetronPay?

Here is the Big Man behind PetronPay: Johny Grant, the CEO of the company.

How do I invest in PetronPay?

How to invest in petronpay? Or how to buy the barrel in petronpay? Log in to your petronpay account then select the barrel to buy by clicking on the blue button located just below the barrel!