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What states allow felons to have real estate license?

What Felonies Will Exclude You From Becoming a Real Estate Agent? Whether or not you can get a real estate license in Florida boils down to is the type of felony you committed and how long ago it occurred. A moral turpitude felony, or a crime against a minor or elder, or a sexual crime is likely a deal-breaker.

Moreover, can you be a real estate agent with a felony in Florida? If you have a capital or first-degree felony, for example, your application will be denied. But if you committed a felony like tax evasion or breaking and entering and it’s been 15 years, your application might get approved.

Also, can a convicted felon get a real estate license in Illinois? The application for a real estate salesperson license is granted, subject to Probation for a period of 2 years, for having been convicted of a felony.

Additionally, can you become a real estate agent with a felony in California? The California Business and Professions Code grant the Department of Real Estate (DRE) the right to deny a license based on a previous criminal record. This includes misdemeanor and felony convictions that occurred in any county in the country.

In this regard, can a convicted felon become a real estate agent? For someone who has had a rough background or a felony conviction, getting a real estate license can be challenging — but it’s not impossible. The rules will obviously vary from state to state, but with adherence to some basic requirements, you can indeed pursue a career as a real estate agent.


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Can you get a real estate license with a felony in Georgia?

Though there is “no magic time period,” according to GREC, salesperson applicants with a single felony must wait two years to apply, multiple felony applicants must wait five years to apply, and broker applicants must wait at least 10 years after a felony or crime of moral turpitude to apply for a license.

Can a felon be a real estate agent in Tennessee?

If you have a felony or misdemeanor conviction involving theft of money, services, or property, you are ineligible unless 2 years have passed from incarceration, probation, parole, or conviction, whichever is later in time.

Can a felon get a real estate license in Colorado?

Colorado realtors may have their real estate licenses suspended or revoked if they get convicted of a Colorado felony. And having a criminal past can prevent aspiring agents from getting a license in the first place.

Can a felon get a real estate license in PA?

The current law allows the state to deny people licenses if they have a felony conviction, or if the licensing board deems they lack “good moral character.” The vague terminology bakes a certain degree of subjectivity into the application process, which has caused many residents with criminal backgrounds to be denied …

Can a felon get a real estate license in NJ?

N.J.S.A. 45:15-12.1 specifically prohibits licensure to anyone that has been convicted of forgery, burglary, robbery, any theft offense other than shoplifting, criminal conspiracy to defraud or other like offenses within the 5 (five) years preceding the application for licensure.

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Can a felon get a real estate license in South Carolina?

Can I Get a Real Estate License in South Carolina with A Criminal Record. If your record has a prior conviction, it is still possible to get a South Carolina real estate license. If you’re looking to start a new chapter and explore a real estate career, an important part is passing a criminal background check.

Can a felon be a real estate agent in Kentucky?

Felons can receive a real estate license in Kentucky, but the candidate’s criminal record needs to be reviewed and approved by the Kentucky Real Estate Commission prior to beginning classes.

Can a felon get a real estate license in Oklahoma?

  • Any applicant convicted of any crimes defined in Section 13.1 of Title 21 of the Oklahoma Statutes shall not be eligible to obtain a real estate license within twenty (20) years of the completion of any criminal sentence, including parole and probation.

Can you be a real estate agent with a criminal record in California?

The real estate license background check is a DRE requirement. This is to ensure the integrity and safety of all California real estate agents. A criminal history can disqualify you from becoming a real estate agent.

Can you get a real estate license in a state you don’t live in?

States that offer full real estate license reciprocity allow you to transfer your real estate license from any state in the country upon the completion of the state-specific portion of the real estate exam for your target state.

Can a felon get a passport?

Even if you have no criminal convictions, you may not get a passport. If you are currently charged with a felony or a felony arrest warrant is outstanding, your application will be denied. Likewise, if you are currently in jail or on parole for felony drug changes, you can’t get a passport.

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Can a felon get a real estate license in Wisconsin?

2013 Wisconsin Act 288 prohibits the Real Estate Examining Board (REEB) from issuing a broker, salesperson, or time-share salesperson license or certificate to any person who has been convicted of a felony unless one of the following applies: The person has been pardoned.

How far back does a real estate background check go in Florida?

How Far Back Do Background Checks Go in Florida? The FCRA has rules for how far back pre-employment background checks can go in Florida and elsewhere. Under this law, CRAs are forbidden from reporting arrest records that did not result in a conviction to be used for hiring decisions that are more than seven years old.

Can a felon get a real estate license in Arizona?

Unfortunately, being convicted of a felony or even a misdemeanor may keep you from becoming a real estate agent in Arizona. Real estate agents are held to high ethical and professional standards. Being so, your criminal record could cause your license application to be denied.

Can a felon be a home inspector in Tennessee?

The good news: Only a few states have laws about certifying felons as home inspectors, and it’s only outright illegal in one. In most states, home inspector certifications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, meaning you can become a home inspector with a felony as long as you fulfill other requirements.

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