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Which of the following statements are illegal in real estate ads?

Which of the following is an accurate statement regarding the National Do-Not-Call Registry? The fine for violations is a maximum of $5,000 per phone call. Brokerage companies must have a Do Not Call Policy, even if they do not engage in cold calling.

You asked, which form of advertising is considered the most cost effective method for advertising a home? Advertising in the telephone directory is cost effective because the directories reach every home in the state. Magazine ads are significantly more expensive than newspaper ads.

Moreover, what are the two forms of advertisement that a brokerage is involved in? bait-and-switch advertising.

Also, what type of advertising is used to sell an individual property? Specific advertising, also called operational advertising, describes a particular piece of property and stimulates activity in a specific property.

You asked, which is false regarding a promissory note? Which is false regarding a promissory note? FALSE: IT IS THE TERM USED FOR A NOTE THAT IS GUARANTEED OR INSURED BY A GOVERNMENTAL AGENCY; A promissory note is the primary evidence that there is a loan between the lender and the borrower. The property is collateral for the note.

Which of the following is an example of commingling?

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Which of the following is an example of commingling? Putting a client’s escrow money into the broker’s operating account.

Which form of advertising is most effective?

Word-of-mouth advertising is considered the most effective form. It has the desired qualities of strong credibility, high audience attention levels, and friendly audience reception.

What type of marketing is most effective?

  1. Social Media Marketing. Social media marketing is one of the most popular and effective types of marketing strategies. And it’s not hard to understand why when more than 2.8 billion people use social media platforms.

What is the most effective advertising strategy?

Instead of focusing all your attention on one strategy, take a marketing mix approach. Engage your audience online, in-person, and through tangible advertising mediums. Hold contests and give away coupons. Pay attention to which advertising campaigns yield the best results, and reproduce them in new ways.

Which is true about listings a net listing is illegal in all states?

Although net listings are not illegal in California, they can easily lead to a breach of the agent’s fiduciary obligations and should be used only with highly sophisticated clients, or clients who are independently represented and, of course, with full disclosure of all of the conflicts involved.

Which of the following represents the core activity of real estate brokerage quizlet?

Terms in this set (28) What represents the core activity of real estate brokerage? Procuring customers for clients and effecting transactions.

Which of the following business entities is generally prohibited from brokering real estate?

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which of the following businesses entities is generally prohibited from brokering Real Estate? A brokerage that is not affiliated with a franchisor. a single employing broker who has an active broker’s license. fulfill the fiduciary duties owed to the broker and the broker’s clients.

What is a real estate advertisement?

Real Estate Ad Real estate ads are used to promote realtors and real estate companies. They can come in many forms (e.g., text, image, and video). And they all have the same purpose: to get the word out about your business.

What is an institutional ad in real estate?

Institutional ads, which also use display ads, commercials, direct mail and outdoor advertising, put the firm’s name before the public and explain the services it offers or the philosophy of the real estate business, This kind of advertising promotes the name of the firm, tells the public about the quality of the …

How do you write a real estate ad?

  1. Persuade Readers in Your Opening Statment.
  2. Hook Your Readers with a Headline.
  3. Choose Your Words Wisely in Property Descriptions.
  4. Strategically Highlight the Most Unique Features First.
  5. Be Detailed But Brief in Real Estate Ads.
  6. Steer Clear of Negative Language.

What is a promissory note in real estate?

A promissory note is a key piece of a home loan application and mortgage agreement, ensuring that a borrower agrees to be indebted to a lender for loan repayment. Ultimately, it serves as a necessary piece of the legal puzzle that helps guarantee that sums are repaid in full and in a timely fashion.

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How do you make a legal promissory note?

  1. Date.
  2. Name of the lender and borrower.
  3. Loan amount.
  4. Whether the loan is secured or unsecured. If it’s secured with collateral: What is the collateral?
  5. Payment amount and frequency.
  6. Payment due date.
  7. Whether the loan has a cosigner, and if so, who.

Which parties must be identified on the promissory note?

A promissory document identifies the terms of a loan agreement, the lender, and the borrower.

Is commingling illegal?

Commingling can also refer to the illegal act of combining client money with personal money without contractual permission to do so.

What is an example of commingling in real estate?

Legal commingling in real estate is a fairly common occurrence. For example, joint venture partners or members of an LLC intentionally pool their money together to invest in a portfolio of rental properties, purchase and renovate a small multifamily building, or develop a new rental project from the ground up.

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