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You asked: What is an inactive real estate license?

When you have an active real estate license, you can work as a real estate agent and perform real estate brokerage activities. If you do not have a sponsoring broker, you will be issued an inactive real estate license. If you hold an inactive license, you cannot engage in any real estate brokerage activities.

Similarly, what happens if I voluntarily inactive My Florida real estate license? Any real estate license that has been involuntarily inactive for more than two years automatically expires. When a Florida real estate license expires, the license becomes null and void without a need for any action by the FREC or the DBPR.

Also, how long can you have an inactive real estate license in Texas? A license for a realtor in Texas lasts for two years, giving you plenty of time to decide if you want to let your license expire. If you leave your license inactive for a maximum of two years and don’t renew it, it will expire.

As many you asked, how long can a GA real estate license remain inactive? However, Georgia law requires that any licensee with a license on inactive status for more than two years complete six hours of education for every year the license was inactive prior to returning to active status. Courses must be taken no more than one year prior to the date of the reactivation of the license.

Quick Answer, how long can a voluntary inactive license remain inactive in Florida? Inactive status A sales associate may choose to become voluntarily inactive and remain so indefinitely, as long as the person renews as inactive every two years and satisfies the continuing education requirements prescribed by the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC).If your license has been inactive for less than one year, you can get it reactivated by completing 14 hours of continuing education. If it has been inactive for more than 12 months but less than 24 months, you’ll have to take 28 hours of continuing education credits, including the core law requirements.

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What can you do with an inactive real estate license in Texas?

You can apply for a reinstatement of a license if that license has been expired for more than six months, but less than two years. Once your license has been expired for more than two years, you must reapply for the license and would be subject to current requirements, including the required education and examination.

How much does it cost to renew inactive real estate license in Texas?

​If you renew your license online, the renewal fee will be $110. If you submit a renewal application by mail, you will have to pay the standard $110 renewal fee plus a $20 paper filing fee.

How do I keep my real estate license active in Texas?

  1. 4 hours of Legal Update I.
  2. 4 hours of Legal Update II.
  3. 10 hours of SAE electives (including a Broker’s Responsibilities course for Brokers).

What does inactive driver’s license mean in North Carolina?

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Please note: Once the payment is received it will take up to 24 hours to process and your status will be “Inactive.” Once your status is “Inactive” or “Eligible for Reinstatement,” you will no longer have any holds in North Carolina and free to get a license in another state.

Which of the following is true of a licensee in inactive status?

Which of the following is TRUE of a licensee in inactive status? The licensee may perform acts requiring a license but may not be compensated.

How much does it cost to renew your real estate license in NC?

The annual period for renewal of your real estate license begins at midnight on May 15 and continues until June 30. The renewal fee is $45.00. Per Commission Rule 58A. 0503, you must renew online at

How do I make my real estate license inactive in GA?

  1. In order to reactivate an inactive license, submit the appropriate application, forms, and fee to the Board. If a license is inactive for twelve months or less, but no more than twenty-four months, the applicant must submit forty (40) hours of CE obtained since the Board’s last renewal period.

How do I get my real estate license inactive in Georgia?

(g) Any real estate broker who does not wish to be actively engaged in the brokerage business or any licensee who is temporarily not actively engaged on behalf of a broker may continue a license by making a written request within 30 days of ceasing work that the license be placed on inactive status.

What can an inactive real estate agent do in Georgia?

An inactive license means you do not have a sponsoring broker and you cannot engage in any real estate brokerage activities. Both active and inactive licensees must complete the 25-hour Georgia Sales Postlicense course within one year of obtaining their license.

Which individual is required to have an active Florida real estate license?

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A person appointed by a court of law to sell real estate must be a licensed real estate broker. Persons who rent lots in a mobile home park must hold a real estate license.

Can a Realtor be the loan officer in same transaction in Florida?

Top realtors should know the proper questions to ask a loan officer about mortgage lending guidelines. Can Realtors Be Loan Officers And Real Estate Agents At Same Time? The answer is yes.

Can a residential realtor sell commercial property in Florida?

Can a residential real estate agent sell commercial properties? Yes—a licensed real estate agent can sell any type of property they’d like, including commercial and residential. Even if you choose to specialize in residential real estate, you can later try selling commercial real estate as well.

Can I renew my real estate license after it expires in Florida?

Florida requires all real estate licensees to renew their license through their Online Service portal. If you have not already registered, you will need to do so before you may renew your license.

What is the 45 hour post licensing Florida?

The 45 Hour Post License course for Real Estate Sales Associates also contains practical training and information about business planning, time management, prospecting, and contract preparation. The 45 Hour Post License course is all you need to fulfill the state requirements to renew your Florida Real Estate License.

What happens if Florida real estate license expires?

When a Florida real estate license expires, it becomes null and void. The Department of Business and Professional Regulation will notify you 90 days before the license expires.

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